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"Tears of the Evangelist"
  [글쓴이: jangHee Lee | 작성일:18/07/07(토) ]

Currently at our church, we have started the summer vacation bible school a little early. Last week, we had our regional bible school camp, and this week, we will be having our invitation bible school in each of the regions where the life movement has been taking place on a regular basis. On Saturday, all the remnants and children connected to the field will gather and be led in a festival together. However, there has been a regrettable news during the time the whole church and believers have been led in prayer. Two female high school students from a high school in our region have committed suicide by jumping off a nearby apartment. A remnant from our church even was in the same class as these students. The remnant, knowing of the hardships these students were going through since they were close friends, planned to invite them to the Bible school after their finals so they can hear the Gospel and was in prayer. Our remnants are of course in shock, and our church remnants, ministers, and ministers of our future descendants are hurting in heart together as they are sharing their prayer topics and entering into concentrated prayer to receive the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
As we started the remnant summer vacation bible school, the pulpit Word last week was “The Commission of the Temple that Heals the World (1 Corinthians 5:20).” We talked about being the absolute disciples who see the urgent and internal things of the field and coming to the solution of only Christ and the absolute disciple who has Christ and the Word as the master to raise the church and save the field. Through the female high school students’ suicides, all our pastoral ministers, ministers, remnants, and I have thought again about God’s lament and urgency towards the field of our future generation. Moreover, to the remnants who are in confusion through these shocking incidents, I relayed God’s plan through the Word and had forum with them so they can hold onto the covenant. I believe it was the time schedule for the remnants whom God especially loves so much to experience the Gospel through this incident and to imprint the important covenant. Furthermore, I was able to confirm that God was placing the covenantal passion of the important message of the absolute disciple to our church that holds to the covenant of being the “church that raises the remnants.”

There are misconceptions and mistakes that we easily make. If we are not living while thinking of the opportunities that may be right in front of our eyes and are losing hold of the timing, and if we are not thinking of the end of our lives and acting as if we will live eternally, then we turn away from and neglect answers that are already here because of our different interests. There are times we can’t see God’s preparations because of our thoughts and efforts. We hear the Word and pray, but we are realistically not going anywhere. It is not waiting to receive the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and it is not hesitating to confirm the answer. The fact is we are spiritually powerless, so we are not moving. We want to be led, but we cannot be. This is the case even though we have the complete Gospel of Jesus being the Christ and the Gospel of Him finishing everything on the cross. I was like this, too. 8 years ago, when an illness struck me suddenly, I was able to finally realize in that life or death situation. If God calls you, regardless of age or all of the many ministries I have been apart of, I have to leave behind everything. God does not need my strength or power that comes from all the time I invest in preparing and training. I realized through the pastoral field that He is pleased with my heart’s center of having the Word reign, obeying, and making my small application. This was the case in a small pastoral field and church ministry, but this was all the more the case in front of the big picture of world evangelization to heal and save the world that is severely diseased in both spirit and body. That is why we need to find and raise up not the crowds, but the disciples - not just the disciples, but the absolute disciples.

The 2018 World Cup is taking place in Russia. Soccer fans around the world are cheering their nation’s representative team and players. Some are even going to Russia to do so, some are watching the live broadcast while losing sleep, and some are going wild as they focus on the game and results as they are living their day to day lives. My two sons at home stay up till the early morning to watch the game even for countries that are not our own. However, I begin to think about different things when I watch the news after the soccer game. There are many serious reactions from these soccer fans after the game ends and the results are out. There are cases where some people make acts of terror to players who made a mistake that affected their own nation, and some get so angry after losing the game that violence arises among the fans. And there was even a person who committed suicide after being disappointed that his nations team did not make it to the round of 16. What’s more shocking is that after the suicide, that team was able to compete in the round of 16 in the end. Of course there is great job in having your team win a competition, but there is no eternal winner or loser. But though people know that, they get so focused in each moment that ridiculous incidents and accidents arise. Because they do not know of the Gospel that gives eternal happiness, the momentary joy the world gives becomes their everything. Because they do not have true joy, they become drunk off the fleeting joy or sorrow and find themselves in mistakes that cannot be taken back. They cannot begin to think about what they should be really focused on, but with a different focus, their hearts, minds, and lives have been taken from them by the works of darkness, and this can be confirmed through sports.

I had many thoughts while watching the fierce competition end and the losing team players slumped over with heavy shoulders, crying along with the once-cheering fans staring out into the field while showing endless tears. Their tears probably carried meaning and reason, but I question to myself and to the believers: for what should we shed our tears for, what should we get excited for, and what should we really do? I bless you to be the evangelists who possess the tears that have true reason.

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