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“Mission of the Absolute Disciple”
  [글쓴이: janghee Lee | 작성일:18/06/30(토) ]

Last week, I went to the mission field in Japan. We wrapped up our short two nights and three days schedule and went on the airplane on time, but for more than two hours, the airplane was not able to depart. Due to bad weather conditions, the entire airport was under an emergency situation, unable to take off.  Many runways were closed and only one was opened, so they announced that the wait time was going to be much longer. I was sulking during the entire time of waiting in the plane. I became more urgent because the wait time was much longer than I thought. If things went according to plan, I would have been able to leisurely arrive at church with enough time to attend the Wednesday service. Other passengers who were more urgent that I was complained to the flight attendants, but they could not do anything but apologize. There was not a problem with the plane itself or the airport’s system, but it was a situation that took place because of the bad weather, so the airline was not responsible for anything. After about two and a half hours, our plane’s turn finally came. We drove to the runway and departed.

A plane can have the state-of-the-art equipment and boast about having the best service, but if the conditions are not suitable for transportation, everything is of no use. The plane can become a dangerous thing that can bring collateral damage upon many lives, depending on the pilot and controller of the plane. This is the case even for airports with the perfect and most outstanding system. Any effort put in is of no use in the face of natural disasters. Any masterpiece or establishment of man that shows his grand achievements becomes ineffective in the face of natural phenomenons. Even the latest plane that shows off its performance and security, even if a veteran pilot is driving the plane, and even if it is in the best airport facility, it has no choice but to wait in front of severe weather conditions.

In Luke 12, it talks about a story of a rich man. He yielded a good and abundant harvest, and after harvesting it all, he had no place to store it. He said he will build a bigger place to store his grains, and then he will take life easy by eating, drinking, and being merry. However, God said, “You fool! This very night your life will be demanded from you. Then who will get what you have prepared for yourself?” No matter how right and perfect our thoughts and preparations may seem, they are at only our standards. They can be different from God’s thoughts. This is the case even if we try our best and give it our best knowledge and power. There are many cases where the best scientists and engineers come together to check, confirm, and experiment to perfectly prepare a spaceship or a missile launch but fail. An error accidentally occurs, and their limitations become so clear. Things of myself, my knowledge and experiences and even the things I see with my very own eyes may not be the facts or the truth. I confirm more and more as time goes on the fact that there is nothing absolute or right other than the Word of God.

“My thoughts are wrong. My thoughts are all biased.” When I first proclaimed this in the pulpit and had everyone repeat after me, many people formed a strange expression on their faces. Yet, nowadays, everyone seems to agree and confess this. “God is right; only God’s Word is right.” By nature, all of our thoughts that are self-centered have all come from Genesis 3, 6, and 11. No matter how logical or rational they may seem, in the end, they are all biased. God’s Word must intervene here for us to find balance. Peter, who was a very experienced fisherman in the Sea of Galilee, met Jesus who came to his boat after Peter fished all night and was washing his nets. Jesus, who finished speaking to all the people while sitting on His boat, unexpectedly said to him, “Put out into deep water, and let down the nets for a catch.” Simon Peter answered, “Master, we’ve worked all night and haven’t caught anything. But because you say so, I will let down the nets.” Peter, the fisherman who knew the Sea of Galilee better than Jesus, the son of a carpenter, laid down his own experiences and knowledge and simply obeyed the Word. He did this even though he must have felt like he worked all night in vain. Yet, they caught such a large number of fish that their nets began to break. Jesus did not show Peter who he was nor did He explain or persuade him; instead, He surely showed Peter and had him experience the power of the Word and Christ.

It is very hard to lay down my thoughts. Though I know so well how weak and lacking of a person I am, it is hard to lay down my self-centeredness. In this world where believers are losing strength and in this age where churches are crumbling down, God is looking for the absolute disciple who will save the field and church. No, God has called us, who give our confessions of Christ, as the absolute disciples. An absolute disciple is the person who changes his center from being their own master to becoming centered on God and His Word. It is the person who realistically believes in the power of the Gospel and the power of the Word. It is the person who knows the works of the Triune God. Finding and raising these absolute disciples is the way for the church, the field, and the future to live. Today, God has given this commission to me and to our church. We have to first be answered in the mission of the absolute disciple, and then we must be the witnesses to raise up the absolute disciples.

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