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“Cut Off the Attachment Doll”
  [글쓴이: janghee Lee | 작성일:18/06/23(토) ]

Everyday we fight a fierce spiritual warfare in life. It is a fight between two masters. This is the case starting from our thoughts and emotions, and in every moment, whether we are prioritizing something in our life, making a decision, or putting something into action. Enjoying Immanuel is an easy but difficult thing. It is natural and easy as we enjoy and concentrate on the Word, but this spiritual fullness and peace are broken the moment we begin to feel the present reality is bigger. Therefore, I firmly say this in the pulpit: “All of my thoughts are wrong. God is right, and God’s Word is right.” I proclaim this loudly with my mouth so my soul can hear. I go back to my thoughts that are always centered on myself and things that are not the gospel, incorrect things, and things that will bring failure. The Word must enter for my thoughts to find balance.

Know that my thoughts that are not holding to the Word and my thoughts that I am the master of are all wrong. You will come to know that these are thoughts you need to discard. However, it is hard to throw these away. We begin to discard them when we hear the Word and receive grace, but at one point, we are holding onto it again. We have not completely thrown it away, but we just let it down for a moment. Throwing it away means completely entrusting it to God. If we do not find the accurate answer through the Word regarding that and if we do not completely entrust it to Christ, we unknowingly go back to those incorrect things and begin to repeat our unbelief again. This is so deeply imprinted in us that though we say amen and discard this during worship, we go back home and look for it again. We know this is not right, but out of habit, we go back to the things that are like garbage. “I think I need to lay down all of the things I have become the master of, all of my weariness and heavy burdens. At one point again, without me even knowing, I was holding to that and struggling again. I shouldn’t just lay it down, but I need to completely throw it far away, so that I don’t pick it up ever again…” I heard this confession from a deacon, and I laughed but thought she was right.

There is something called an attachment doll. This is a specific doll, blanket, pillow, or toy that young children are attached to other than their parents. Children communicate their emotions with these objects and feel security from this. These children who are coming out of their infancy stage are in the process of separating from their mothers, so they find a second attachment to stabilize their instability. Children who have formed very strong relationships with this attachment object show signs of sleep disorders and mental instabilities. Normally, after 36 months, their interests regarding their attachment doll naturally moves on or disappears all together as they are surrounded by many people and things, but when they are unable to do this, it becomes difficult for their parents. The dolls or blankets get dirty and need a wash or need to be thrown out, but they cannot separate them from the children. They are found in a difficult situation as their children want to carry it not caring about time or place. There is also no use in giving them a new doll or a better toy. It is common to find it very hard to cut off this relationship that has formed between the child and the attachment object.

When thinking about, young children are not the only ones who have these attachment objects. The most popular attachment object in this age is the smartphone. 1 out of 6 young adolescents are addicted to to their smartphones. If they do not have their phones in their hands for even a moment, they experience signs of anxiety disorders. There is no difference between the signs that show up when taking away attachment dolls from children. This is the same case for adults as well. If they have any free time, their hands reach for their smartphones. In some ways, we can even say that smartphones are what realistically hinder believers from having their quiet time, time of enjoying Immanuel, and spirituality. Of course, they can be useful to our walk of faith. We can see the Word, listen to praise, and hear sermons anytime and anywhere. Yet, smartphones bother believers’ lives more than spiritually benefiting them. They hinder our spiritual concentration, Word meditation, and deep prayer. It’s to the point where they cannot turn off their smartphones during the one hour of worship. There are many people who unconsciously look at their smartphones from moment to moment while giving worship, even though there is nothing important going on. Smartphone obsession and addiction are no longer just problems for children.

Immanuel is changing your master. It is enjoying God being the master. It is being with the Word, guided by the Word, and governed by the Word. We must discern and organize the different things that are replacing our relationship of Immanuel from God, just like having an attachment doll rather than having an attached relationship with parents. Generally, children are done with having their attachment dolls after 36 months, and the latest is when they enter into elementary school. But when it comes to Immanuel, the answer does not come automatically. At times, we have to fight a fierce spiritual fight. We have to completely lay down the me where I am the master. Unceasingly, we need to establish ourselves in the Word. We need to closely fight against our unbelief and nature of unbelief. In one sense, more than trying hard to enjoy Immanuel, the faster method is to get rid of the stumbling blocks that bother us from having Immanuel. The things that are near to me, the things that I rely on as habit, the things that make me anxious when I am without it, the things that bother my quiet time, the things that make me happy, the things that I always think about…if they go ahead of the Word of the Gospel, they are idols and a stumbling block of having Immanuel. We accepted it as something familiar and natural in our lives, but it can replace the Word, replace God, and hinder Immanuel. Immanuel is the greatest blessing and answer. However, it is not an enjoyment that is just given. I hope you will have victory in the spiritual fight of realistically discovering and cutting off the attachment dolls that you are used to and unaware of that bothers Immanuel.

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