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The Reality of Immanuel
  [글쓴이: janghee Lee | 작성일:18/06/16(토) ]

For young children, the happiest moments are the ones spent with their parents. No matter how great of a toy they play with, it does not compare to their parents playing with them. More than a good house, clothes, or diverse set of toys, they find their stability and happiness when they are receiving their parents’ love and interest and spending time with them. If they have something they cannot do out of fear, they are able to muster up courage and challenge when they are together with their parents. When I was serving the church as an assistant pastor while attending seminary, I was very busy and did not have a lot of time to play with my children. But once in a while, I would take my children and go to the park in front of our home. Whenever this happened, they would be more active and enthusiastic than normal. I would be worried that they will get hurt, but my wife would say in a calm and composed manner that it was okay. I believe they would play with even more enthusiasm because the father who normally could not be with them at the playground was right next to them. They would even cut in front of the big kids who were so much bigger than them without any sign of fear, and they would show off to me all that they could do on that playground. And when the older boys would try to take their swings back, my kids would yell, “Hey, my dad is standing right over there!!” with confidence in their eyes. Everyone cannot help to feel happy and smile when they see children embracing their mothers or having their arms around their fathers.

Yet, things begin to change when time passes. Like before, families are exist to be together for we need each other to rely and strengthen one another. But as we age, our responsibilities, obligations, and burdens start changing. Moreover, children begin to know the power of fathers, standards of mothers, and the present reality. It is the sad truth that this time of being happy with just spending time with their parents is much shorter than we think. There was a time when my children were in their adolescent age. My wife and I had to attend a seminar, so we had to leave the house for a few days. My wife was worried about leaving the kids home alone, so she made food ahead of time for them with a sorry heart. But a deacon who raised children before us said a funny thing. “Don’t worry so much. You don’t even need to have a sorry heart. I’m talking from experience, but children really enjoy that time when their parents are not home for a few days. It’s their time of freedom and liberation. They’ll be just fine even without you two.” My wife smiled as she listened to the words of that deacon while half in doubt. However, after we came back, we looked at our children’s reaction, and we realized that the deacon was right. We realized that the time has come in their lives where they can happy even when they are not with their parents and spend time apart from us. They have grown and have passed that age in their lives where they once absolutely needed help from their parents.

As time goes on, this content will change - this time where the parents and children can be together and this time where they are happy because of this. It is to the point where despite having a cooperative and instinctive relationship between parent and child, this relationship can completely flip. There is no exact word to describe the relationship between God and the saved believers, so we compare it to the life relationship between parent and child. However, I begin to think that this is an absurd comparison when looking at recent social conditions and news. That is why God had said, “Though your father and mother forsake you, I will not.”

Immanuel has the meaning that God is with us, and this is our life’s greatest blessing and happiness. This is a content that is incomparable to the happiness that comes from a parent physically being with a child. Immanuel is the never-changing attribute of God. God, in order to be with us, had solved three of our life’s fundamental problems. He sent the Christ to solve the problems of sin, Satan, and death. Immanuel means that God is with me, and that means that God is the master. Having with does not mean we are equal or that both of us are serving as the masters. It is acknowledging that it is God who is the master, not me; it is communicating through the Word; and it is having the guidance of the Word. Yet, more than being with God, we are more used to living our lives as our own master. The proper walk of faith is changing this comfort and familiarity. No, it is restoring the true peace and original happiness that comes from God who is with me.

Immanuel is not a vague thing, but it is a reality. The method of enjoying this reality is the Word. This is because God is the Word. I am not talking about the Word you simply hear or know, but it is the Word that has become yours and that you believe in. That is why concentration is needed. More than we think, the state of our spirit and body is foolish, shallow, unfocused, and desolate. We think we know it because we have heard the Word so many times, but I don’t place this Word into my heart, think deeply about it, and do not believe in it. Then, Immanuel is just a feeling I have, not my realistic peace, strength, or power. It is something I just hope and cry for. We need to enjoy the Immanuel that has no relation to my standard and power, the blessing that has already come, the greatest answer that has already been given through Christ, and the Gospel of all Gospels. It is good even after listening to the Word and beginning your day, spending your daytime with leisure, and before going to bed. I hope you never lose hold of the time of personalizing the Word you have received by organizing and meditating upon it. Through this time, this Word of life does not just remain in your notes, but it becomes imprinted in your heart, thoughts, and soul. Moreover, you must see all works, people, and environments with the Word that you have held onto. With this, you must have discernment and make it into your standard. You must overcome yourself, which is a limitation, and pray while embracing the people and field that needs this blessing of Immanuel. I hope this will be a week where you can enjoy the reality of Immanuel and the blessing of the invisible temple.

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