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The Invisible Temple Before The Visible Temple
  [글쓴이: jangHee Lee | 작성일:18/05/26(토) ]
The Invisible Temple Before The Visible Temple

Shouldn’t Remnant Church begin church construction? When will you receive the answer of the temple? These were the common words of the pastors who have come to visit our church. They say this because it has been 12 years since our church has been established, and the church lacks space for believers to worship comfortably and for remnants to receive grace, and considering the high cost of rent, it makes sense to be led to have temple construction. And whenever this has been said, I laughed and said that it was manageable and could not say much else. In my heart, I believed the time schedule had not yet come through various reasons. I thought that temple construction should not be done through the greed of the pastor or through the few individual believers’ hard work and efforts. I even thought that it was better to leave things as it was - though chaotic at times - rather than having the church face hardships because of construction for it was more comfortable and all the more safe. This may have been my prejudice or incorrect imprint, but I believed that it was better for God to open up the door out of His frustration rather than the church trying to handle the many hardships that would come from temple construction. My honest heart was to wait for the time schedule when our church officers and believers would voluntarily come together for this. In one sense, this was great faith and boldness regarding this church with the Gospel and God; but in another sense, it was unbelief concerning the level of our believers and the working of the Holy Spirit. 

This basic thinking regarding church construction has not changed much for me. However, within the flow of the Word, I see that God’s time schedule is near. The 2nd RUTC movement, the covenantal temple representing the region, the healing center that heals and saves this world diseased in spirit and body, the missions center that saves the 237 nations… when thinking about the works that God will do in this Gangbuk region, I begin to detailedly draw a picture of how our church will be answered in this covenantal temple. Therefore, I have begun to hold to the Word, pray, and share this with our believers. I am so thankful to see our believers and remnants begin to ride the flow of the Gospel and the flow of the Word with me as they place this in their hearts and prayers. 

The construction of the invisible temple is more important than the construction of the visible temple. Our priority is for each individual believer to firmly establish their personal temples through the Gospel, and through darakbang, to build the invisible temple in each family, field, and region. When the invisible temple spreads widely as the Word comes upon all the individual believers, family, and field; prayer is communicated; and the works of evangelism arises, then the forces of darkness blocking this covenantal temple will crumble, and we will receive the answer of the temple that will save the region, people, and world. We are seeing all too well that a building with a poor foundation, the results of things without content, and a temple without the covenant will eventually meet bankruptcy and crumble. It will become a headache that has no choice but to fall. 

The solid foundation of the visible temple is the invisible temple. Furthermore, the foundation of the invisible temple is the individual temple of each and every believer. When the Word must come upon that individual temple and grace overflows within it, the family temple will live and the field temple will be established in all places. This is because a person who is happy because of the Gospel will rightfully save their family, field, region, and church. The disciple of the one person who possesses the mystery of evangelism, the Word, and prayer will raise up another disciple of Christ. Through that person, the invisible temple that will become the pillars of the visible temple will be established in all places. The individual having personal darakbang towards their field of life, the Word forum among parents and children, a forum of happiness in the field, and a forum of grace among the believers is the devotion of establishing the invisible temple. The answer is a rightful result and conclusion when the Word comes upon us and the fulfillment of the Word arises. God is the one doing it. 

The Word we held onto for this covenantal temple is this: “When the Lord your God brings you into the land he swore to your fathers, to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to give you—a land with large, flourishing cities you did not build, houses filled with all kinds of good things you did not provide, wells you did not dig, and vineyards and olive groves you did not plant—then when you eat and are satisfied” (Deuteronomy 6:10-11). This Word shows how easily and comfortably we can have this temple. We must concentrate not on the visible temple but the invisible temple. Before having a big, grand church building, it is more important for each and every believer to receive the answer of being the moving church. We must receive the answer of enjoying the Word coming upon us as the personal church, seeing the fulfillment of the Word as the family church, and receiving the answer of the field church that is filled by the Holy Spirit and breaks down the culture of darkness. Our remnants, church officers, and all believers rising up to enjoy the Word of the Gospel and relay it as Word ministers is the basics and foundations of true temple construction, and I sincerely hope that the visible temple construction will be the answer that follows. 

“I was momentarily discouraged in front of my sudden problem, but I held to the promised Word and now hold to the consuming passion regarding the remnants,” “I was standing in front of the flood of loneliness and void that was becoming too much to handle, but I no longer feel that. Without me knowing, I am praising,” “I am thankful that I heard the voice to no longer rely on anything but to only look to and focus on Jesus Christ,” “Darkness! The Lord Jesus Christ! It’s okay; there is no problem; God is doing it! All of my unbelief is broken down through this 10 second darakbang,” “I am breaking down darkness and praying for the store owner next door who is caught by darkness,” “I shared with my non-believing husband about the happiness and evangelism field that I am enjoying, and I was so thankful to see him agree and hear,” “I wrote a letter to bless my child with his spiritual identity.” These were the forums of those who were answered and led to their personal temple, family temple, and field temple. I am assured that these forums and testimonies will be the foundation of the visible temple that will firmly establish our church all the more.

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