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“But You, Man of God!”
  [글쓴이: jangHee Lee | 작성일:18/05/19(토) ]
These were words that moves one’s heart. They were the words Paul spoke to Timothy, and I think it was the greatest expression of blessing with the identity of an evangelist. We all have many titles and names. According to our positions and relationships, these titles and names change. I am a son, a husband, a father, and a pastor. I am a son-in-law, a brother, a nephew, an uncle… people who do not know me, I am a man, a teacher, and even a boss. Yet, better than any of these titles, I am a “man of God.” A child of God, a person of God… these are names that are so moving. I was not deserving of this name - and how I’ve come to receive this grace, I cannot say - but like the words of the older pastors, this something to be thankful for even in my sleep.

 A 27-year-old salaryman in Japan began to draw picture diarise of all three of his meals starting from the year 1990 for the next 28 years. In the year 2012, he came out on the broadcasting station, and in the year 2013, his work was published into a book. He started to draw these picture diaries in his college notes and has accumulated about 50 books. He continued this as a company employee and still continues as head of the department. Without missing even a day, he leaves these records in his evening time. He explained how he started to draw because he did not have a digital camera, but he found great joy in this instead of burden. Moreover, as he left behind his daily meals in drawings, he began to eat less fast food meals and more diverse foods that resulted in the improvement of his health. He always enjoyed recording things from before and had a talent for this form of art, but as he had continuation, his drawing skills improved, the time it took for him to do this shortened, and his health even gotten better, and he confessed that he believes he will be doing this until he dies. A reporter asked him about his future plans, and he answered saying, “Without change and with composure, I will continue what I have been doing. Nothing is eternal, and I do not know until when I can continue this, but even before my last meal in front of death, I desire to draw that final meal and die.”

To be honest, I had two hearts while reading this article. I was impressed, but I also wasn’t too sure about this. The fact that he was able to leave behind his drawing and record of his meals for the past 28 years was very impressive, but I personally thought it was not right to plan his life in a way to die after recording his last meal. It is meaningful that he, out of all the trivial things of life, had chosen to have continuation in drawing his food and left behind this life masterpiece that is acknowledged by people. I am not saying this to judge or belittle his life, but through this, I was able to look at myself. What am I thinking and continuing every day, what masterpiece have I left behind so far, and what plan do I have from now on? Concentration of the Gospel, Immanuel, the life of the evangelist, evangelism and missions, remnants, the church, God’s kingdom...  these are the things that I continue to daily think, read, hear, and write about. The many sermons, writings, and praises are the masterpieces that have come from this. Furthermore, my plans from now on is to enjoy and relay the Gospel even more to raise remnants and disciples for Gangbuk and world evangelization. This is transcending myself and my things to save everything. It is carrying out this mission that I have been called for as a man of God.
Paul saying, “But you, man of God,” to Timothy seems to relay a friendly connotation, but this was in fact a strict message. It was the word of telling him his sure identity to properly fight the spiritual fight in this field of the world that has brought confusion in body and spirit. Because you have been called to fight the good fight of faith, make your confession in the presence of many witnesses, and keep your faith until the day Christ Jesus comes. The man of God is inside of the flow of the Word, prayer, and evangelism - the flow that God is in. We must stand as the disciple who finds what God has given to me and does what God desires. We must be able to relay the happiness that I have in God’s time schedule and the true peace of Immanuel in whatever position or image I am in and to whoever I meet.

After our Friday night service ended and before we began to pray together, we sang this praise together with all the believers.
“Winds of trouble may rage on, and things may be going wrong.
Never forget you are in the ship where the Captain, God, is strong.
Words of deception call on, temptations are all around.
Conquer them all as you listen to the gentle voice of God.
God sees the world and sighs with grief; His heart breaks inside.
Where are the ones with the true Gospel? Not one can He find.
You, man of God, be strong. Be strong in the grace of Christ.
What you have learned and heard from me, entrust to reliable men.
You, man of God, be strong. This Gospel you must preach on.
God’s Holy Spirit will be with you forever in all you do.”
Tremendous grace flooded over me. I have heard that a young evangelist was in the middle of doing this evangelism movement when he was diagnosed with a disease that eventually took his life. Before going to heaven, he wrote this praise for his close friend so he can handle this commission of an evangelist for the remaining days of his life. It is a praise where we can fully feel the heart of request and blessing that Paul had towards Timothy. Moreover, this is the heart that I have for our remnants and disciples.

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