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“Let's be a believer who understands non-misunderstandings well”
  [글쓴이: jangHee Lee | 작성일:18/04/21(토) ]
  "Doctor Chung, how did you become a scientist although you are a Christian? Science is extremely rational and evident, but isn’t faith to believing in what is invisible? Aren’t faith and the mind of science completely opposite?
"There are limits of what we can see and hear through our eyes and ears. Sounds of low or high frequencies cannot be heard with our ears, and lights that are not in the wavelength between 4k-6k angstroms cannot be seen with our eyes. This means that what we hear and see is possible to only a certain extent. Therefore, it is very reckless to judge right or wrong solely by what we hear and see. How frustrating must it be if you were in the shoes of someone who knew beyond what was there? In my opinion, the most dangerous thing for man is to forget his limitation. Although a human is a spiritual being, unlike an animal, we live just like animals while living in an age where materialism is prevalent. The more I study modern science, the more I feel that there is an ‘invisible hand’ that controls the universe. After a long time, I have realized that this invisible hand is God’s providence. The more I study science as a scientist, I have no choice but to feel the presence of God, who is the great Creator who supervises our everything. I believe in God - His invisible hands - but His touch, which I can clearly feel, is God’s existence. I would like to be a sincere Christian rather than a great scientist. For me, the greatest knowledge is to know God.“
This is the confession of faith of Dr. Keunmo Chung - a world-renowned scholar in the field of nuclear energy, founder of the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), the first Korean researcher on nuclear fusion, and the chairman of the International Atomic Energy Agency.
  "Where is God? How do you believe in God who is invisible? No matter how long you look, isn’t it true that you can’t find God?” Many nonbelievers say these things while looking at the clear, cloudless sky or the starry night sky. However, astronauts who have stepped into the universe beyond our atmosphere and imagination that cannot be seen with our eyes have a different confession. "Wonderful! Beautiful! God is truly alive!" They acknowledge that this amazing and mysterious world is not the work of coincidence but the work of the Creator God. They did not meet a visible God, but in front of the vastness of nature and its providence, they could not deny God’s existence and His providence of God.
"Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. For by it the people of old received their commendation. By faith we understand that the universe was created by the Word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things that are visible (Hebrews 11:1-3)."
  In one sense, our walk of faith is understanding the non-misunderstandings well. It is not to advocate things that are irrational, illogical, or unreasonable, but the rational, logical, and reasonable things shouldn’t be the standard and level. The Word is the standard. Correct faith is not only receiving the Word that matches my reason, level, and situation while ignoring the Word when it confronts the mainstream.
When Noah made the ark in preparation for the flood, it seemed out of place and like an absurd challenge and task in the eyes of the people in that age. Those people who have never experienced rain before must have laughed and  ridiculed Noah who built an that massive boat on the top of the mountain for 120 years with one heart, whole heart, and continuation. The dream that this 17 year old dreamt of did not possess a persuasive content or situation. Rather, his family rebuked Joseph for his arrogance as he excitedly spoke about his dream. In that environment, His story and reasoning was considered ridiculous.
However, the people directly involved in receiving God’s Word through His voice or dream were different. Noah received the Word through faith, gave his entire life, and obeyed. Joseph did not have unbelief or fell into discouragement in whatever situation he faced and held to the dream God has given him. No one’s mockery, no terrible environment, and not even the passing years could break down their faith. They misunderstood well. They had the misunderstandings that brought answers. In actuality, these were not misunderstandings but were spiritual truths, but they were misunderstandings for it did not match the present reality in the perspectives of those who did not possess faith. The things that people say are misunderstandings go beyond our rationality, intellect, and power for the people of faith who hold to the covenant - in fact, it is God’s great picture that will absolutely be fulfilled.
  Only the people of faith can have the correct misunderstandings, the misunderstandings that bring about answers. Misunderstanding becomes difficult if we are caught in our present reality, our standard, and our power. It is only possible when we transcend ourselves and see God’s work  and God’s flow. We receive the Word through faith, hold to it as the covenant, and see the future with it. This is the faith of believing that God will do the same in my life as He has done for Noah and Moses. It seems like a misunderstanding, but in the end, we see that this is not the case. After time passes, it is revealed as God’s masterpiece. The more we have these kinds of misunderstandings, the better it is. This is because God speaks His Word and works through those who hold to it. Spiritual misunderstandings are not misunderstandings. It is the vision that God will fulfill. I hope you will be the believer who has the spiritual eyes to pull forth the future through the Word and who has the misunderstandings that overflow with grace.

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