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“The Worship of Applying the Blood: The Difference Between Knowing and Doing”
  [글쓴이: jangHee Lee | 작성일:18/04/14(토) ]
I went on a short missions trip to Japan with two remnants last week. I was led here from scheduling this from a while back, but last month, our remnants made the resolution to go with me as a missions internship. For the past few years, our church had continued to hold a remnant internship missions trip. 
Once a year, as a group, they will go with me to the missions field where I ministered and be guided together to experience missions and see the field. However, in the end of last year, I started to think it was time to change the nature of our remnant internship missions. If a large group moves together, it becomes difficult to see the small details of that missions field, and there are restrictions when trying to participate in the ministries that I partake in. I changed the system thinking it was necessary for our remnants to factually experience the missions field, to understand my missions ministry, and to have communication with the field missionaries, and I am so thankful to see our remnants receiving more answers than what I originally expected.

If Remnants want to be go on missions with me, they need to make their own resolution. It is only possible when they receive answers and make their resolution regarding their time, finances, and other personal circumstances. Yet, if they overcome the many obstacles, make their resolution in faith, and receive guidance, they receive answers beyond their imaginations. They receive the answer of experiencing the works that God is doing through our church and the works of missions as they go together with the senior pastor to that missions field they have only heard and have prayed for previously. Moreover, their prayers for the missions field and missionaries, their hearts and attitudes regarding the missions ministry of the church, their preparations of living a life of a remnant missionary, etc. completely changes. Though they are mere students or employees who seem to be bounded by the reality of life, they are able to embrace the missions field that goes beyond simply understanding missions in their heads; above that, being able to set the foundation to receive the answer of my missions is a precious blessing that is only given at the remnant age.

I also gain strength when I go do my missions ministry with our remnants. The missionaries also preciously views our remnants and shows a lot of consideration, and they give many forums about missions and the field, and this becomes a great challenge and grace to our remnants. Unlike when I go on missions by myself, there are now more things I need to be concerned about; however, the answer of a team is far greater. As the remnants are being guided with me as a team, I continuously pray that they can really know missions and even go beyond that to factually receive the answer of a life that does missions.

The Israelites, who were enslaved to Egypt, were liberated after 430 years. No method freed them from Egypt and Pharaoh, but when they took the lamb and spread its blood, they escaped the disasters that came upon the entirety of Egypt and were liberated. This is the works of Exodus that we know very well. They heard from the elders who received the orders from Moses that they must apply the blood, and they did just that and escaped from the disaster of death and tasted the joy of liberation. Yet, we must pay close attention to the fact that even those who were Israelites who heard this command, if they did not act according to the word, they faced the same disaster of death that came upon the Egyptians. Disasters cannot be blocked or avoided by simply knowing. According to the word, with faith, they must apply the blood of the lamb on top and on both sides of the doorframe.

We always give worship. But no matter how many worships we give, no matter how well we know of the blessings of worship, we must give it as our sacrifice. We must participate holding onto the blood covenant instead of standing as mere spectators. We must give a giving worship instead of just watching the worship. We know very well that when we are alone and when we face problems in our lives and field, we must give worship. But we must not end it with just knowing. We must realistically receive the answer of worship. We must realistically give worship in all parts of our lives for darkness, curses, and disasters to break down and to establish God’s kingdom.

We must not end it with just knowing Christ, who is the main focus of worship, but we must believe. Beyond believing, we must proclaim and testify. Therefore, our confession of faith is important. We must confess our faith with our mouths - the content of the Gospel that we know and believe in. Furthermore, we have to give the worship that establishes God’s kingdom in our lives. We have to start the worship that holds onto the covenant and the worship that spreads the blood so that in the field that God has sent us into, the forces of darkness will crumble, the doors of evangelism will open, and the field will be Gospelized. There is a declaration that changes our thoughts that I have suggested to our believers. This is a 10 second upper room message that changes one’s spiritual state.
“The Lord Jesus Christ!”
“It’s okay. It’s not a problem. God is doing it.”
Every field that I am in is a field that needs Christ, a field that must be saved through the Gospel, and a field where the blessing of world evangelization has been prepared. God is so pleased with the small worship I give in that field. I hope you will give the worship that applies the blood of the covenant in the field, the worship that realistically confesses your faith. If you give a worship in your field that realistically applies the blood instead of just knowing in your head, you will stand as a witness of the spiritual works that have been promised.

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